How are your posters made?

Each poster is the result of a lot of work: sketches on paper, ideas changes, inking, scan and polishing, colouring (and colouring again with different palettes) fine-tuning and films separation for the screen print.
Every poster is a handmade print. That means that, with my husband’s *voluntary* help, I actually print each copy, layer by layer!
I don’t use a semi-automatic or automatic machine, just hands and sweat. But don’t worry, no sweat on the paper!

How do you ship your posters?

As a collector, I know how important is packaging care!
That’s why I use thick heavy cardboard tubes for shipment. I also wrap posters in plastic to protect the paper from rain or humidity.
I only ship with private couriers, like DHL or UPS, it costs a bit more, but you’ll have full tracking of each step of the delivery.
The shipment usually takes 2-3 days from the courier pickup.

What if I want to buy a looot of you posters?

First of all… Thank you so much!
I usually ship up to 3 posters in a tube but, in case of multiple orders, I can use bigger tubes (15 or 20cm diameter) or pack them flat, between 2 condensed polystyrene boards. I shipped together 100-200 posters this way, so I can assure you that they will arrive safe and sound!

What about the payment method?

Standard and preferred payment method is through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account… you should!
But you can send me an email if you can only use bank transfer.
If you prefer, you could also pick up your posters here in Rome. This way you’ll save shipping you can have a little chat in my studio. Just drop me an email!

Copyright Disclaimer

The copyrights of all the works and products on this website belong to Sabrina Gabrielli.
If works are created together with other people, they are labelled.
Please don’t steal the graphic to produce bootleg merchandise, it’s not fair to me neither to the bands and the artists I’ve worked with.

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