Are your gig posters official?
Yes, all my gig posters are done in conjunction with the band, band management or record label.
Most of the posters are made available at the show, and a small amount are held back for me to sell on this website or festivals.

How are your posters made?
My posters are hand-pulled screenprint. That is to say that I actually print each color layer of each copy. No machine, no semi-automatic, just hands, muscles and lots of patience. Once the hard work is done I sign and number the good ones. And that became the official run of the poster.

What about the shipping costs? Is it possible to combine shipment?
The rates are simple:
Within Italy € 9.90  
(includes durable postal tube and shipped First Class)
Within Europe € 19.90  
(includes durable postal tube and shipped First Class tracked)
Everywhere else – € 19.00 
(includes durable postal tube and first class. No tracking number and no ensure. If you want i could add but it’s very expensive)

How will my order be shipped to me?
All orders are shipped with delivery confirmation and a tracking number (full traceability within the EU, partial traceability for the rest of the world).
Each poster is carefully rolled in a sheet of kraft paper and placed in a sturdy shipping tube. Both ends are sealed carefully with packing tape for added security.

How do you pack your posters?
I usually use 3-mm heavy cardboard tubes, and roll each print in paper. Then i wrap them in plastic too, to avoid any damage from rain.

Which payment methods do you accepts?
Paypal. It’s easy, fast and safe. If you don’t have one you should visit

I noticed there is one little spot, 1 mm of misalignment, a microscopic area where the color is different. Does this mean my print is not good?
Before signing and numbering our posters editions, I spend lot of times separating the prints that are worth selling from the no good ones, so you can be sure that your poster was valuated, was chosen and was loved. But please consider that everything you could order from this website is handmade. So very little differences between prints may exists. In the way I see handmade screenprint, those little differences made your poster even more valuable, cause they make it one of a kind, and in them you can see the artist’s working hand. They reminds you it’s something made by hand in this times of technology.

I see a poster is sold out, will you be printing more?
No. Every poster is a limited edition, which is a big part of their appeal. It would be unethical and unfair to those who already own one to make more.

I’ve got a band/label/festival/event and I’d like to produce a limited edition screenprint. Would you be interested?
Why not? Check out the “Contact” section and drop me a mail!

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